You’ll Be Shocked To Know How Much Gurmeet Ram Rahim Earns Per Day In Jail

The CBI court has declared 20 years of jail to Gurmeet Ram Rahim after he was found guilty in rapping two Dera Sacha Sauda female followers. There were many protest and agitation observed throughout the country after the court had ordered 20 years of imprisonment for Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Furthermore, there were reports that Gurmeet Ram Rahim is receiving VIP treatment from police, but recently police have confirmed that he is not getting any VIP treatment from them. For further clearance, police have said that Ram Rahim is not getting any special treatment from the authorities, in fact, he is spending his day just like other prisoners in the Rohtak jail.

Ram Rahim had a miserable day when he had to spend one day in the jail without AC. He drank regular water which was available for other prisoners. Furthermore, he had back pain but no one attended him after complaining. However, after one week of imprisonment, new reports are circulating around the media.

Jail officials have asked Ram Rahim to take up a job at the jail and start earning money. He was given the option of either working in a jail factory or a jail gardener. Now it is said that Gurmeet will work as a gardener in the jail area and will take a pay of Rs 40 per day.

Police said that the condition of Ram Rahim is not good in jail. His mental status is weak and he is often spotted talking to walls of the jail.  Apart from this, his health is also not good as he is eating little food, fruits, and water from the canteen.

A Dalit activist Swaraj Kirad, who too was lodged in the Rohtak jail till Friday, said Gurmeet was the center of attraction for other inmates. “But his presence has spelled trouble for many, especially the undertrials whose bail applications or release orders were issued over past one week as there was a blanket ban on anyone entering or leaving the jail.”